Cooper Kearns – Creative Recruiter

Cooper Kearns

Cooper Kearns

Creative Recruiter

Cooper Kearns was let go and then got the call everyone hopes for! Join me as we talk about getting laid off and then rehired along with some great tips from a recruiter in the Marketing and Design industry.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:23 Welcome, Cooper Kearns!
0:48 Cooper Kearns introduces herself
1:38 You got Rehired!
2:19 How did you cope with the layoff when it initially happened?
4:07 What were some strategies you employed or planned to use during your layoff?
6:35 Value of Posting that your open to new opportunities
7:00 What does the company you work for do? Who do they staff?
7:42 How is the marketing / creative industry surviving during this covid job crunch?
8:15 Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising have seen steady opportunities!
8:55 What are some things you look for in people trying to get a job in the digital marketing and digital advertising world?
9:12 Certifications are beneficial for the digital space
9:58 What’s the hot certification right now?
10:47 Is there a cost associated with those certifications you mention?
11:20 Anyone can pass a test, what can people do beyond getting a certification to help drive their marketability and show proficiency?
12:37 Showing metrics is a good driver and shows comprehension
13:08 Portfolios are key but make it clean, up-to-date, and match your resume.
13:55 Any cool tools that people are using to showcase their work?
14:50 What’s something you would like them to stop doing?
16:27 Are you direct placement or contract to hire?
16:45 Contract to hire route can be a faster path to a job.
17:20 Contract to hire is a little scary to some people
17:39 I flipped a job from Contract to hire to full time during the interview process
19:00 I’ve seen similar situations where people converted a contract to hire offer to a full-time offer.
19:18 Do adding all the statistics in my resume have value? Should I be including them?
21:37 Frustration with companies passing because resumes are missing data
22:07 What is the right size for a resume nowadays?
24:48 How important are those items at the bottom of your resume, the clubs, references, extra activities, etc.
28:35 Is there a format for your resume which can make it pop?
29:31 What is the most important part of someone’s resume?
29:55 Experience and consistent professional format, of course!
30:40 Attention to detail goes a long way.
32:21 What are some pointers you can provide to people for those first-round interviews?
34:19 Come prepared with questions at the end!
35:35 What question do you wish candidates would ask more?
36:12 What’s a question you wish they would stop asking?
37:06 what was the last thing Cooper bought off Amazon
38:01 How does someone get a hold of Cooper Kearns?