Brent Baldwin

Brand Marketing, Emotional Marketing, Ford vs Zappos

Brent Baldwin

Brent Baldwin

Jobseeker - Brand / Emotional Marketing

Brent is a turning brand marketing on its head. Started in focus groups then branding for Cartoon Network. Bringing Anna and Elsa from Frozen to the masses and ending with the Harlem Globetrotters focusing on family fun. This guy has a unique spin that you just have to listen to understand.

Show Notes:


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Brent Baldwin Show Notes

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
0:50 Brent Baldwin Introduces himself
1:00 Brent explains what a brand marketer is
1:40 Focus group moderator?!
2:09 Talks about transitioning from a focus group moderator to Brand Marketer.
2:35 Kids fitness trackers and targeting with gamification
3:00 Joined Cartoon Network
3:50 What happened after CartoonNetwork
4:00 Brent talks about working with Anna, Elsa, Mickey & Donald
4:23 The Fab 5 and Frozen cause disruption
4:50 Disney on Ice with Frozen & being a 5 star Dad
5:30 Reflects on How Cartoon network would compete with Netflix, Hulu, etc.
6:30 Why do we cut the ends off the ham?
7:11 What was the biggest challenge of transforming the Fab 5 into Frozen on Ice?
7:55 Kids singing Frozen songs inspire the click
8:33 Disney Brand standards cause them to rethink things
9:40 Interviewing Anna, “How heavy is your cape?”
10:33 We love the bubble wands
10:40 How do you justify $40 for a giant flashlight
11:08 Your career grows up. Brent talks about the Harlem Globetrotters
11:40 Short pit stop working for a toy company
12:10 Having experience in the kid and toy space really benefitted the Globetrotters.
12:45 Globetrotters pivot towards family
14:15 Repositioning the brand and putting a family image and spin on it.
15:00 Reminiscing on seeing the globe trotters with his dad at the old Omni in Atlanta
15:50 The recurring theme of heart/emotion of things
16:15 Brent talks about an anti-bullying campaign that solidified his focus
16:50 Getting 1 million people to speak up against bullying
17:12 Chasing the metrics
17:38 The letter that changed everything
18:57 Emotion is what sets us apart
19:30 Emotional Capital and the startup world
20:00 Building a community first
20:27 What are some predictions you have about moving toward emotional marketing
21:08 Not selling on blue, red, green
21:45 SimpliSafe gets it
22:45 Organizations are going to really go this route
23:11 “We want brands who stand for something.”
23:34 Subaru stand for giving back, they get it
24:00 Others don’t get it, and they fall flat
24:36 Smaller companies making more effort than Nike
25:39 Brands are going to invest in emotional marketing I hope they do it with purpose
25:47 I don’t even know what Ford’s purpose is, but I know Zappos’s purpose!
26:30 Resumes speckled with achievements but no heart.
27:15 How can we take emotional brand marketing and parlay that into our job searches?
27:34 Be vulnerable, transparent and honest
27:46 Resumes based in truth
28:16 Being Values-Based and talking about myself in a different way
29:06 Talking about the EQ I get from projects
31:11 Burger king is not the right fit for me.
31:32 I created a persona to go with my resume
31:40 Winning the pinewood derby
32:00 Interviewing people at 7-11 at 4am
32:15 What I eat, what tv I watch, what I shop
33:25 I geek out on personality tests
34:00 I follow a company of people on LinkedIn who are in an industry I have no need for
34:56 Brent tosses me a lead to Mary Kay
35:12 Brent geeks our on personality tests and temperaments
36:00 I’m a green married to a yellow with red and yellow daughters
36:24 Brent drops a plug to I Said this, You heard that
36:45 I talk about a goal for the podcast
37:11 What’s next? Furloughed to unemployed.
37:26 Owning that this sucks
38:06 Brent gives us a scoop on his new company Nyoo (pronounced like New)
38:56 Flipping the agency model on its head and focusing on startups.
39:30 It’s a model where you pay for only what you need.
39:42 Freelancers listen up!
43:30 Struggles of starting something new!
43:43 Take that CNBC!
43:50 If I break two dollars in referral fee’s I’ll buy brent coffee!
44:33 What was the last thing Brent bought on Amazon?
45:36 Brent talk about burning his house down
45:57 We talk about my closet
46:08 Closing