Angela Taylor – Self Employed & Hiring!

Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor

Self Employed & Hiring

Angela Taylor was a physical therapist for 20 years and has decided to make a career change. Join me as we unpack her journey, learn about her new enterprise, and maybe even find an opportunity for you!

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:24 Welcome
0:39 Angela Introduces herself
1:24 Angela talks about how her Insurance License went from side hustle to a full-time focus
1:56 What led you to this line of work?
2:12 Angela talks about what her company offers
2:38 Angela talks about how she got into the insurance and financial preparedness business
3:28 Angela talks about how she started to focus on this side hustle and turn it into something more long-lasting
3:55 What happens when someone comes to you, but you cannot provide them that service directly?
4:33 I offer them options
5:30 After giving them options, I connect them with our financial team to do a no-cost evaluation.
6:04 How does someone take this path? And what type of person is built for this kind of work?
7:13 Angela talks about the temperament of a person who would be successful with this role
7:43 How do you go about finding clients today?
7:52 Starting with the people closest to me and vie social media
8:11 Social Media is my primary channel for education
8:53 This makes it sound very low pressure
8:56 It’s more organic. I had more trouble getting an 85-year-old woman to do knee bends
9:30 An example of how she helped a family do more with their money
10:05 People don’t really know what they have in their benefits.
10:53 What do you find is missing the most out of people’s benefits?
11:27 People have insurance, but do you have income protection for your loved ones?
11:56 You want to have enough
12:30 Let’s make sure you have something you own
12:49 Expand on the idea of “something you own.”
13:00 Angela explains group policies and how it’s different from what she offers
13:59 I talk about my experience a bit
14:30 You don’t have to stop with what your company gives you
14:45 Talk about what that means for people
14:56 Find out what the recommended insurance policy is based on your salary
16:05 Yea, but what should I expect to pay for this?
16:55 It’s not just the cost, but it’s also about your budget
18:44 We start to talk about investing
19:20 What are some investment ideas that you think are important?
20:53 What about people who are longer in their career and now having to make these kinds of choices?
22:44 What’s next for Angela, What’s your roadmap?
23:05 I want to grow and train others to do this
24:08 Is Angela hiring???
24:15 We ARE!!
25:14 So what does someone need to get started?
25:27 The financial impact to get launched….
25:55 Time investment is …..
26:13 You’re talking to people while training and can even earn bonuses!
26:56 What does Angela do when she’s not saving families from a financial crisis?
27:54 What’s the last thing Angela bought on
28:20 How do people find Angela?
28:44 Get ahold of Angela, Give her a CALL!!!
29:04 Closing